A database of Orthologous Mammalian Markers
Release v9, April 2015 (current version)
  • Requests on 43 species (based on EnsEMBL v79, March 2015).
  • New species: Papio_anubis, Chlorocebus_sabaeus, Ovis_aries.
  • Exon detection has been improved.
  • Raw alignements have been computed with MAFFT.
  • In this release, we did not exclude alignments which contain sequences leading to very high branch lengths in the corresponding ML phylograms.
Release v8, October 2013
  • Requests on 40 species (based on EnsEMBL v73, September 2013).
  • New species: Mustela_putorius_furo.
Release v7, February 2012
  • Requests on 39 species (based on EnsEMBL v65, December 2011).
  • New species: Nomascus_leucogenys, Ailuropoda_melanoleuca, Sarcophilus_harrisii.
  • Sequence alignments have been improved and now rely on MACSE to detect potential frameshifts.
  • As a consequence alignments may contain the "!" that indicates frameshift events. You can safely replace them by "-" in DNA alignments or by "X" in protein alignments.
  • Unreliable alignment sites/sequences are removed using trimAl before phylogenetic analyses (raw and filtered alignments are provided).
  • Exon orthology prediction has been improved and is now based on the corresponding CDS alignments.
  • Marker detail rendering is now compatible with most web browsers: Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome (thanks to Benjamin Robert).
  • A visual rendering of GO annotation is available based on OntoFocus (thanks to Sebastien Harispe).
Release v6, September 2010
  • Data are the same as in v6a but web interface is improved
  • There are now two ways to access markers:
    • the former textual query form
    • a simpler visual way to browse markers
  • Query results appear in different windows so that query criteria are not lost.
  • Markers can be queried using any EnsEMBL gene ID (instead of just human ones).
  • Left menu is simplified (other minor human-computer interaction improvements have been done).
v6a, July 2010
  • Requests on 36 species (based on EnsEMBL v56, September 2009).
  • New species: Callithrix_jacchus, Sus_scrofa, Macropus_eugenii.
  • Queries can now be done using a list of human gene EnsEMBL identifiers (or gene symbols).
  • Maximum likelihood (ML) trees can be downloaded.
  • Thousands of files can now be downloaded at once instead of 100 in previous versions.
  • A bug about GO annotation rendering has been fixed.
Release v5, October 2009
  • Requests on 33 species (based on EnsEMBL v54, May 2009).
  • New species: Gorilla_gorilla, Tarsius_syrichta, Dipodomys_ordii, Vicugna_pacos, Tursiops_truncatus, Pteropus_vampyrus, Procavia_capensis, Choloepus_hoffmanni.
  • Exons / CDS can be queried according to a list of species required.
  • Markers can be queried based on the corresponding human gene EnsEMBL identifier.
  • Gene annotations are now available for each marker (human gene description and gene ontology [GO] terms).
  • Phylogenetic trees readability is enhanced by taxonomic coloring.
Release v4, July 2008
  • Requests on 25 taxa (based on EnsEMBL v49, March 2008)
  • This version includes both CDS and exon data.
  • Query results can now be sorted according to descriptors and downloaded as zip archives.
  • The average responsivness of the web server has been significantly improved.
Release v3, May 2008
  • Requests on 25 taxa (based on EnsEMBL v49, March 2008)
  • New species: Pongo_pygmaeus, Equus_caballus.
  • We found and corrected a bug in previous versions that, in very few alignments, led us to propose some non orthologous sequences.
Release v2, March 2008
  • Requests on 23 taxa (based on EnsEMBL v48, December 2007)
  • New species: Otolemur_garnettii, Microcebus_murinus, Tupaia_belangeri, Cavia_porcellus, Spermophilus_tridecemlineatus (= Ictidomys), Ochotona_princeps, Felis_catus, Myotis_lucifugus, Erinaceus_europaeus, Sorex_araneus, Ornithorhynchus_anatinus.
  • Amino acid alignments are provided.
  • A dedicated web server is used for this project.
  • Due to web connection trouble, some chromosomes were not completely analysed. Some markers were thus missing.
Release v1, July 2007
  • Requests on 12 taxa (based on EnsEMBL v41, October 2006)
  • Species list: Homo_sapiens, Pan_troglodytes, Macaca_mulatta, Mus_musculus, Rattus_norvegicus, Oryctolagus_cuniculus, Bos_taurus, Canis_familiaris, Dasypus_novemcinctus, Loxodonta_africana, Echinops_telfairi, Monodelphis_domestica.